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Flexible work culture

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Flexible work culture

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Flexible work culture

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Flexible work culture

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Vision :
By 2021, to become one of the top 10 industrial companies preferred by the stakeholders with its sustainable growth performance and values.
To ensure corporate development that may take its stakeholders to the highest competency, knowledge and welfare level as well as to create continuous value for its industry, our country, nearby geography as well as the world with its sustainable growth strategy.

1.White Petals Tissues Industries decided to invest in cleaning papers sector in order to produce cleaning papers in world standards, to increase the use of hygienic and healthy cleaning paper materials and to meet the needs of the developing market in India.

2. We are the leading Tissues suppliers for Hospitals, Restaurants and Hotel Industries, Top MNC's and to wholesale and retail dealers.

3. White Petals Tissue with the paper and converting (converting roll paper into a consumption group product)

4. White Petals Tissue is aiming to be the leader in the cleaning paper market in India with its innovative, high-quality and assertive products that it manufactures through the latest technologies. Accordingly, while White Petals Tissue meets the expectations of consumers in the best way, it is working to satisfy the needs of customers through high-quality, reliable and affordable products in away from home market.

5. White Petals Tissue makes sales of Hand Tissue and Napkins all over the world within the logistics possibilities. White Petals Tissue which is the leader in hand Tissue and Napkins sales reaches throughout the world.

Company Portfolio

White Petals tissues is a leading and prominent manufacturer and supplier of good quality tissues assortment of Napkin and Tissue Papers Trusted by customers. We are supported by a team of well qualified and skilled professionals. This professional is working dedicate towards their assigned tasks to achieve the desired goals and objectives. We have also developed a well-equipped and state of art infrastructure unit at our premise to manufacture the offered products. We have segmented into productive departments for streamline exhibition of our business related task and operations. Owing to this things, we have developed a huge client base in the market.

We are a highly instrumental organisation in offering best and good quality tissues to satisfy our customers. White petals tissues industries decided to invest in cleaning papers sector in orders to produced cleaning paper in world standard to increase the use of hygienic and healthy cleaning papers material and meets the needs of developing market of India

Tissues Napkins are very demanding that used in many and varied tasks, we manufacture hygienic and standards quality of tissues.

Well equipped with latest manufacturing machines .

Used eco-friendly raw materials

We follow systematic planning and procedures for service we provide.

This is tissues can be used as face tissues, it will absorb the oil content.

There will be no harm or side effects by using this tissues.We consistently approach for upgrading our services the latest technology coupled with unique understanding of client requirement.

Tissues ( Virgin)

Face Tissues ( Wipes )

Toilet Rolls

Kitchen Rolls





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